Music Review: 10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman

Personally, I struggle staying on top of the latest trends in praise and worship music. It seems as though there are tons of new albums released each month and new worship leaders are getting introduced all the time. I go to the bookstore and quickly become overwhelmed. Should I listen to someone I’m already familiar with or do I take a chance on something new? I’m all for being adventurous, but purchasing all of that music can get expensive. I don’t have that kind of budget to risk on music that I may not be able to use. Shopping on the internet can be even more daunting when I am faced with so many choices. I need input from trusted sources to help guide me to new music.

I have a sneaky feeling that I am not alone in this either. That’s one way I hope that our community of worship leaders can help each other out. From time to time, I’ll share with you what I’m listening to and what I think about it. I’d appreciate your suggestions on music I should check out in return. I know that I always feel a little more comfortable exploring new bands and worship leaders when I’ve at least heard a recommendation from a colleague.

As I looked for a CD to discuss in this first music review, the choice was really easy to make. I walked into Family Christian Bookstore in Hot Springs, Arkansas while getting away for a few days and heard this great song playing on the house system. The lyrics said, “Where would we be without Your love? We’d still be lost in darkness. Where would we be without Your cross? You made a way to save us. Oh, Your love, oh Your love.” I knew right away that this was a song I needed to get my hands on. I marched to the front of the store and learned that it was a track from Matt Redman’s July 12, 2011 release 10,000 Reasons. Without a question, I picked up the CD and headed straight for my car. My hotel was only a few blocks away, but I found myself driving around town aimlessly because I couldn’t get enough of this album. I was immediately drawn into the presence of God and experienced a time of personal worship.

From beginning to end, the album is full of singable songs that most music ministries are going to be able to incorporate into their services right away. Many of the songs are guitar driven on the recording, but it is clear that a keyboard will be able to create a satisfying accompaniment as well. If you can’t get the full album right away, I recommend checking out four songs immediately: “Holy”, “10,000 Reasons”, “Endless Hallelujah” and “Where Would We Be”. I have a feeling you’ll get hooked right away and end up with the entire album.

While you’re checking out the new music, head to and take a look at the videos there. Matt has background information on several of the songs that allows us some insight that might prove helpful as you plan to add these songs to your future worship sets. While you’re there, notice the chord chart tab at the top of the page. These pdf files can be downloaded for free and are marked with both the actual chords as well as a capo progression that is friendlier for our guitarists. This is definitely an incredibly valuable resource for worship leaders everywhere. All eleven songs on 10,000 Reasons were available as of this posting. Matt Redman, thank you for helping us get these songs into the hearts and voices of churches in an economical way. (Worship leaders, don’t just print the lead sheets and learn the songs from internet postings; purchase the album!)

Once you’ve listened to the album, I would love to hear which songs spoke to your heart. Then tell me what you are listening to these days. It’s just about time for me to make another trip to the music store and pick up a new CD. I would much rather go in with one of your recommendations. Who knows…..I may even write a review here to share with everyone else.

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